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Hi! And welcome to the Gooseberry Bush. This post is called the Gooseberry Bush for the following reasons:

1. Gooseberry Bush is a name that was not previously taken, like my last two tries.

2. A gooseberry bush is something unusual and something of nostalgia from my childhood. I don’t think you’ll find any here in Texas. I don’t think they grow this far South. It is a tiny and round, light green berry. Most people don’t eat them by themselves. They are very tart and will surely make you pucker. But with just enough sugar they make a fabulous pie, like rhubarb.

3. The gooseberry bush name affords me a certain amount of privacy. I can choose to reveal my identity or not as I see fit, thus allowing me the luxury of reporting on the world from my perspective.

4. The gooseberry bush is, well, a bush. I plan to write this blog from a definite female and irreverent point of view. It is not meant as an homage to the former Presidential dynasty/disaster of the same name. This is merely an unfortunate coincidence.


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