The Biker Rally

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Katina and I went to the Republic of Texas Biker Rally Parade Friday night. First, we worked out together. Our plan was to work out at the gym, shower and get ready, and then head downtown to Sixth and Congress to see the parade. The gym was actually full on a Friday night, and we could not secure any of the machines. Since when do people in Austin work out on a Friday evening instead of getting their drink on?

Katina was ready to pick up a biker, having gone shopping to secure just the right cleavage-revealing blouse for the evening, the night before. She and I went to the mall after our work out, where, I, a woman who also is not particularly into shopping, was amazed at her efficiency in picking out just the right thing for picking up a biker.

The gym was crowded, so we ended up walking around office buildings in our work out clothes for thirty six minutes, before we went back to the full gym to shower and get ready. The thing about showering and getting ready in the gym is that in spite of great facilities and all the necessary hygiene instruments, that even in air conditioning one continues to sweat after working out for at least thirty minutes afterward, at least in this Austin heat and humidity.

I should have incorporated this into the evening’s schedule. Work out, sit on my ass and do nothing for thirty minutes until I stop sweating, and then shower and get ready. Instead, I put on full makeup in a rainstorm of sweat and then did my hair and put on hairspray, which set my hair in the sticky wet windblown look, since Katina’s vehicle is not air conditioned.

I love people watching. We walked to the parade, watched it for forty-five minutes, and then went to get chips and queso afterward. I put my check card and I.D. in Katina’s purse, along with my cell phone. We stood up and watched the bikes go by. Since Katina and I were both sober at the time, neither one of us had the guts to pick up on a biker if we were so inclined. The parade lasted for forty-five minutes. We saw bikes in every shape, style and color imaginable. Some displayed lights, one had fire coming out of the exhaust, and one was in the shape of a John Deere tractor. Then, all hopped up on chips and queso and iced tea, we made the trek home.

On the way home, we made conversation. At one point, on the way to my car at the North Lamar Transit Center, I had a scary thought. It was dark, I was on my way home from downtown on a Friday night, and I started laughing. I turned to Katina and said, “I was just wondering if I would be safe to drive by the time you dropped me off.” We both laughed. She said this was definitely going into the weekly email, and when we got to the transit center I had the presence of mind to ask for my check card and I.D. back, since I had a hair appointment at 10 AM the next morning.

What I did forget was my cell phone. Now, as I am writing this, Shy Guy and another friend have left Facebook messages, asking me to call Katina this weekend to recover my cell phone. Obviously, I was high on something. Possibly, considering the work out, it was endorphins. People should be warned about these endorphins. They are wicked.


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