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You might think that this is an entire blog about Spam, the canned pork meat product that most people in America of a certain age or older were forced to eat during their childhood. You would be wrong. No, this is about that other kind of spam, the unwanted junk email kind. Also, this post is about blogging in general.

I have a friend who’s been blogging since November of last year. Frequently, he would write on topics that involved conversations we had had or things we had seen and experienced together, and I thought if my friend could write a blog, then so could I. After all, I have a bachelors degree in English. I am officially qualified to starve to death writing the Great American Novel. Why not starve to death writing a blog?

Although several people now make a decent living off of blogging, I am not one of them. I also have a day job. This should be obvious to anyone visiting this site. Since I have a PC, and I wanted to get started writing as quickly as possible, I did a little research on the internet and found that WordPress offered free software that was easy to use and free server space. Starting the blog was easy peasy. Choosing something worth writing about has been a challenge.

WordPress has an edit mode with a feature called Dashboard that lets you view how many people have read your post on any given day. It allows you to edit or delete comments. It catches spam comments. It shows you the most frequently used word searches to get to your blog. All of this is interesting stuff.

I’m guessing that most of my readership consists of my friends. The highest amount of hits I’ve gotten on any given day has been six. The most popular blog entries have been the blog about the morning after pill and the epilogue to the sweeping Rat Bastard saga. Sex sells.

Both of the most popular blog entries have received spam comments. What is a spam comment? A spam comment is when a company conducts a web search for certain words or phrases in your blog that might – just might – be related to a product or service that they are selling. They then post a “comment” on your blog, which is really just a link to another website.

For instance, the Rat Bastard spam comment was a link to an article on men’s sexual health. The words they gleaned from my blog that made them decide to post a comment are these: bastard, exclusively-sexually, over-at-train, place, sexually-attracted, and train. Obviously, no one actually read my blog before posting the spam comment because Train in the way I used it and train in the way they meant it, are two very different things. If you need this explained to you, congratulations! You do not have a gutter mind. You can probably go get a gutter mind by looking up the word train on an urban dictionary.

The most popularly used web search to get to my blog is “gay boyfriend.” This is probably because one poor gay man looking for the other kind of train was accidentally misrouted by a link on page 22 of his Google search for a gay boyfriend. This did get me to thinking, though, about how I could increase my readers. I could start sprinkling words into my blog that are totally unrelated to what I’m writing about but might be something else that gay men would search for on the internet, like, for instance, felching. (I’m going to warn you ahead of time not to look this one up in the urban dictionary unless you are prepared to learn the answer.) I was thinking I could periodically drop such words in, almost like subliminal messages and see if it works. It could also be like Pee Wee’s Word of the Day. I could put in a secret word with double meaning that you would have to ferret out. I will report back to let you know if this post receives more hits than usual or if we get another spam comment.


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