I Love My Gay Peeps

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I realize that one might think, if you didn’t know me any better, that I have an aversion to homosexual men born from the horror of my experience with the Rat Bastard. That couldn’t be any further from the truth. I am a great fan of and advocate for all things rainbow. I just hate liars.

When I was in high school I was very involved in theater and choir, and so a lot of the boys I hung around were gay. Not all, not even a majority, of them were, but a lot of the guys I was friendly with in high school and then later in college, were gay. I lived in a very conservative town. We didn’t really talk about those things when I was in high school, but I was aware of it. I didn’t care that they were gay. I never thought of it as a particularly moral issue.

When people used to debate the question of nature versus nurture, or whether it was a preference or an orientation, I always wondered why anyone would actively choose to be the object of ridicule and hate crimes. It baffled me that anyone would choose to be attracted to the same sex and hence, by logical conclusion, choose to be in unions that wouldn’t be recognized by our government or society. Tell me: why would anyone choose not to have the same rights under the law as heterosexual people if one could just simply choose to be heterosexual? As if one’s sexual “preference” were just as easy as choosing whether or not to wear socks with sandals.

There are those folks who argue, of course, that it is a moral issue. When I say those folks I am mostly referring to the fundamentalists of the Christian right, although there are fundamentalists of every faith who jump on this bandwagon, and even moderates who also feel it’s a moral issue. Since I am a Christian, let’s look at what the Bible has to say about homosexuality. Technically, it has nothing to say on the subject. Nada. That’s because our modern concept of homosexuality did not exist in Biblical times, or at least it wasn’t recognized. The sexual act of two men lying together the same way a man would lie with a woman is mentioned, but never is there any mention of a possible loving and caring relationship among equals. In Biblical times, homosexual relations were viewed as being outright rape, or as in the case of Roman soldiers, coercive relationships, where one older and more powerful man takes advantage of a younger, more passive partner, rather like the modern equivalent of being someone’s bitch in prison.

The Bible talks about sodomites and about men being overcome with lust for other men and women lying with women. There’s also two brutally savage tales of groups of men who were assembled to gang rape another man or men. In one of the stories the rapists are offered virgin daughters as an appeasement. In the other, the rapists are given a man’s concubine, and they then repeatedly rape and beat her until she dies. But in both Bible stories, the angry mob of men is given a woman to abuse. If these men were “homosexual,” why offer them women as sex partners? The primary issue of these Bible stories is one of consent and not of the gender of the parties involved.

You can look up the Bible verses yourself if you like and make up your own mind. There is very little the Bible has to say about same sex relations. Out of probably millions of verses these may be the only explicit references in total. When it comes to the Ten Commandments there are no references to homosexuality at all. I bet if you looked up the number of times that the words adultery or falsehood or covet come up in an exhaustive concordance it would be many times the measly seven verses listed below. And yet our modern culture seems to place significantly greater emphasis on the “sin” of homosexuality than on, say, adultery, as a for instance.

Genesis 19:5

Leviticus 18:22

Leviticus 20:13

Judges 19:22

Romans 1:27

I Corinthians 6:9

I Timothy 1:10

Jude 1:7

The bottom line for me is that these are mutually consensual relations between two adults. No police officer would dare to think to arrest a man and jail him for cheating on his wife. Yet we still have antiquated laws on the books in certain states of the United States where a police officer can legitimately arrest and jail two consenting adults of the same sex for doing the same thing the married person was doing with someone who wasn’t his or her spouse.

The government has no business telling us who we can or cannot love provided that that relationship is a mutually beneficial relationship and not one involving abuse or coercion. I also think that gay people should have the right to marry. Why shouldn’t they have the right to be just as miserable as straight people?

But seriously, our government is not a theocracy. Even if you feel that gay people getting married is morally wrong, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion. This is a free society with free speech. What you don’t, or shouldn’t, have the right to do, is enforce your moral beliefs on others. For issues of the common good, preventing violence and harm to others, society has a right to moralize. For issues like this, our society and our government should keeps its noses to its selves.


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