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My gay couple friends and I went to Fredericksburg yesterday afternoon to pick peaches. My friends are going to make peach jam. This was a fun experience. We went to an orchard/farm where there were many peaches to choose from. We decided to pick the Gala peaches. We got a quarter bushel.

Now, normally, I am not a big fan of peaches. I like peaches. I just don’t care for canned peaches, at all. And I don’t like peach skin. I don’t like fuzzy things on my tongue. (Ew!) However, this peach was so juicy and sweet and delicious and the skin so thin and not very fuzzy, that I didn’t mind. I ate it right off the tree.

The whole experience was fun. The trees provide shade. You’re in nature. I started to feel like maybe I was preordained to be the proverbial farmer’s daughter. And that’s when I remembered that I can’t keep anything alive that doesn’t make noise. I can’t sustain house plants, let alone vegetables. That’s when I realized that I was living a fantasy in a David Lee Roth music video.

After we got done picking the peaches, we spent some time in downtown Fredericksburg. I like this town. I’m one-eighth pure German and 7/8 mutt German with a bit of Dutch and English thrown in for good measure. These are my peeps!

We got some sugar free fudge at the candy shop. We got drinks at the ice cream shop. We dropped in on a couple of cute little boutique type stores. Now the nice thing about hanging out with gay men (well, there are lots of nice things) is that they actually have more patience for shopping than I do.

I missed the shopping gene when they were handing it out to the little girl babies in heaven. Somehow it skipped right over my head and landed on some gay boy. This means that I like spending time shopping about as much as a lipstick lesbian, I figure.

We went into this shop called Grandma Daisy’s, which was super cute. They had the whole handmade jewelry, embroidered tablecloths, scented candles, that kind of thing. We hit this place called The Christmas Store where they had – you guessed it – Christmas ornaments, etc. They had the most amazing glass ornaments from Europe that were just gorgeous. They had some Halloween stuff and other girly things like Yankee Candles.

There were these really cool three-dimensional greeting cards. They’re like pop-up cards. They can sit on your desk or mantle as a type of art. They’re called Swing Cards ‘cause something on them swings.

“Oh!” I exclaimed. “I once bought one of these for a friend of mine. One with a monkey on it. The store I bought it at downtown doesn’t exist now.” They didn’t have any monkey cards for sale. Just a grinning display with a banana in his hand. Shame. I miss my monkey.


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