Fareed Zakaria Is A Freakin’ Genius, Man

August 7, 2010 at 3:37 pm Leave a comment

I have an old crush on broadcast journalist, Fareed Zakaria. I totally love his brain. I would marry his brain. We could remove it and put it in a jar like in The Man with Two Brains. I would have long conversations with the brain and set it on my night stand and kiss it every night before I went to sleep.

Fareed is an Indian American who comments on global relations, trade, economics and American foreign policy. He hosts his own CNN show called GPS. He can’t be labeled in any one particular category of ideology. He’s all over the map. The liberals would claim him, but he’s not, in truth, much of a liberal.

He recently came out with his opinion on the war in Afghanistan. Essentially, it’s a lot of expense and trouble to track down a hundred terrorists. Gotta love it. He didn’t say we shouldn’t track down the terrorists. He just questions the wisdom in hunting a mosquito down with a bazooka.

The things I love most about Fareed Zakaria are his ability to think outside the box and his integrity. The Anti-Defamation League gave Zakaria an award in 2005. It came with a $10,000 honorarium and probably some sort of plaque or trophy.

Recently, the Anti-Defamation League made very public their views on a Ground Zero Mosque. They oppose one. Fareed, a naturalized citizen whose father was an Islamic scholar, called them out on their prejudice. In a letter to the league he wrote, “I cannot in good conscience hold onto the award or the honorarium that came with it and am returning both.”

I totally heart Fareed Zakaria.


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