The History of Christianity

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The first page od the Book of Acts

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John Shore wrote in his blog the other day about a study that revealed that most Americans are woefully ignorant of the basic history of Christianity and that atheists and agnostics, in general, are better educated about such matters. Wow! I can’t say as I’m surprised. It makes me sad, but it doesn’t shock me.

John’s theory is that since atheists and agnostics are actively rejecting the faith that they’ve done their homework ahead of time, that rather than being passive participants they are very active in researching spiritual matters. They don’t care less like people assume to be the case. Maybe, in fact, atheists care more.

Anywho. I could ramble on for another thousand words or so about how or why that’s wrong, or, I thought, I could make my tiny contribution to the Christian education of my audience. There are now more than five of you. I’m not Matt Drudge yet, but I’ve got some subscribers, and some days I get twenty-five visits without having to indulge in any stunts. I could make a dent in the ignorance, and in the process I might learn a thing or two myself.

So, I’ve decided that from now on I’m going to devote one post a week to the history of Christianity. So, I’ll start this week with a post this coming Saturday about the history of the early church and the apostle Paul. I know. Why do you have to wait an entire week? Well, you have to give me a week to do the kind of exhaustive research that American atheists do…so I can get it right. Also, I want to re-read the Book of Acts and refresh myself.

So, a treat to look forward to: every week on Gooseberry Bush will be a new post on historical Christianity or a profile on a theologian who helped shape the modern Christian Church. Let me know what you think.


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