Loose Lips Sink Ships

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Courtney Cox & David Arquette

Image by Lucas Blue via Flickr


Since I haven’t blogged about any good old-fashioned celebrity gossip in a while, I thought it was time to remedy that with a post about the separation of Courtney Cox and David Arquette. People act like they are shocked. About what? Fifty percent of American divorces end in divorce; more in Lalaland. On top of that, there is the obvious opposites attract and then later repel scenario with these two. She’s a straight-laced traditionalist. He’s just immature and wacky – although I’m sure that’s fun sometimes.

David’s picture was taken with a waitress/model/actress whose claim to fame is that she once slapped Lindsay Lohan. The photo ended up in a tabloid, and afterward the Cox-Arquettes issued a joint statement that they’ve been on a “trial separation” for quite some time, and that they remain best friends and responsible parents. I wonder if a trial separation is like the “break” that Ross and Rachel were on on Friends when he decided to sleep with the pizza girl or whatever the hell her name was.

Apparently so. Infidelity isn’t infidelity; according to popular American standards, anyway. As long as you are separated or “on a break” you can sleep with anything that moves. Go ahead. It’s okay. You’re not really cheating; you’ve got your wife’s permission. Rumor has it that Courtney is carrying on as well, with a co-star from Cougar Town, so what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

The big news in this is that Arquette called in to the Howard Stern radio show yesterday and spilled the beans. And when I say spilled the beans I really mean it. He told Stern that he didn’t request the separation; Courtney did. He told him that she gave him a motorcycle for their 11th wedding anniversary and then told him she didn’t want to be his mother anymore. He was probably shocked to learn that he had been having sex with his mother.

Arquette admitted to having sex once, maybe twice with another woman, the one in the tabloid. He did not refer to her by name but only as his one conquest. He said that he was not in a relationship or dating this other woman. Well, you definitely won’t be now. Arquette also admitted that Courtney and he hadn’t had sex for a month prior to their separation or since the separation, and he told Stern that he didn’t want the separation and that he wanted his wife back. This is not the way to achieve your goals, David.

I feel sorry for David Arquette. I feel sorry for them both. Arquette is not showing either his wife or his daughter any respect with this revelation of too much information on Howard Stern’s show of all places. He’s made a very poor decision. No doubt he’s hurting, deeply. She’s the one who wanted the “trial separation.” He’s feeling rejected. Maybe he even wants to strike back a little. He’s dealing with a lot. I can feel some genuine compassion for David Arquette.

She hasn’t handled this well herself in saying that she doesn’t want to be his mother. She’s implying that she married a child; that’s a very pointed insult and an emasculating statement. Then again, maybe stunts like this are exactly why she’s justified in feeling that way. At least she has had the grace not to air their dirty laundry in public.

In terms of too much information he’s definitely right up there with John Mayer. We can give him credit, though, for not being as bad as the Duke University girl with her fake thesis Power Point presentation, detailing her sex with several of her schoolmates. Detailed descriptions of body parts, positions, prowess. Circulated on the internet no less. She wins the prize for TMI.



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