Which Fill in the Blank Are You?

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Facebook is filled with quizzes. In case you haven’t already figured it out, the reason there are so many (often lame) quizzes is that this is a way of accessing all of your personal information. You give permission before you take the quiz and publish the results. There have been quizzes to see which Friends character you are (Monica), which Desperate Housewife you are (Lynette) and which Sex and the City character you are (Miranda).

I know you thought I’d say Carrie, being a writer, but I don’t identify much with Carrie and find myself falling most accurately somewhere along the Miranda/Charlotte spectrum. My favorite of the men on the show were John Corbett’s Aidan Shaw and Evan Handler’s Harry Goldenblatt. I never understood how Carrie could so callously and thoughtlessly cheat on the Holy Grail of Kind and Hot Men. However, I think I actually preferred the bald guy that was Charlotte’s husband. I couldn’t stand Mr. Big. There isn’t enough money or dick to make me put up with someone who’s as selfish and narcissistic as Mr. Big. And Samantha’s Richard…don’t get me started.

We all love finding others to identify with. We love seeing ourselves magnified larger than life on a television or movie screen. The movies and books and television shows we most identify with are frequently displaying some side of our very own personalities.

On Sunday Lubbock was dealing with some particularly dramatic family crises, and we were talking on the phone from where I was hanging out at the Mr. Brewsters. Lubbock was saying that I quit drinking and gained a social life, which was the opposite of how she thought that would go. I told her I supposed that was true since I spent Thursday through Sunday in one social opportunity or other. I told Lubbock that I primarily hang out with her and the Mr. Brewsters, and she said, “Your life is Will and Will and Grace.” And I thought, well, that’s pretty accurate, and I guess that makes you Karen.

Actually, the fictional characters I’ve most strongly identified with in my life I could make a list of, and I think I will:

Anne of Green Gables

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Nancy Drew

Daffy Duck

Dawn Weiner (Welcome to the Dollhouse) – If you’re ever just dying of curiosity about my junior high school years, please rent it. It’s like a black comedy documentary.

Mary Richards (The Mary Tyler Moore Show)

Laura Holt (Remington Steele)

Christy Huddleson (Christy)

Scarlett O’Hara – I always wanted to be Miss Melly, but I fear that I am more like Scarlett, and by that I’m not referring to my stunning beauty; not a good thing.

Felicity Porter (Felicity)

Ally McBeal

Mary Ann Thorpe (Cybill)

I could probably go on, but that’s enough for now. Feel free to leave a comment about the fictional character with whom you most strongly identify. I’ve included a clip of Mary Ann for your viewing pleasure.


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