Technical Difficulties

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Mrs. Noded's iPod Touch

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Lubbock, who just finished reading the blog post, “Publish or Perish,” made the comment that until I actually got to the part of the blog post about Mapplethorpe and Smith that I made her sound like an ignorant country bumpkin. Well, Lubbock is no ignorant hick, obviously. She’s not as technologically savvy as I am. I like to think that I’m more technologically savvy than the general American public.

After all, I live in Austin. I’ve worked for three large tech companies, all of whom are household name companies that you would recognize. I have generally been the go to girl at other offices at which I’ve worked in terms of fixing computer problems. No, I can’t build a computer from scratch, but I know my way around the software.

I wouldn’t exactly call myself a techie, but I’m really good at that stuff generally. And when I worked for smaller companies, I was always the one who got to interface with the IT guy. Why? Because I know his lingo. That’s why. The techie guy and I, well, we just get each other. We’re sympatico.

However, there are times when even the mighty fall, and to prove that I am culturally sensitive to the fact that I kind of built myself up with my Craigslist skills at the expense of Lubbock, I am going to admit to…technical difficulties.

One of the Mr. Brewsters is an IT help desk guy. A couple weekends ago I was mentioning that I thought I needed to get a new battery for my iPod touch.

Mr. Brewster: Why do you think that?

Gooseberry: Because the date and time are wrong.

Mr. Brewster: What do you mean wrong?

Gooseberry: It says that it’s November 5, 1969. According to my iPod, I haven’t been born yet.

Mr. Brewster: Have you synced it lately?

I don’t have to sync my iPod to charge it. I have one of those “fancy ass” chargers where you just plug it into the outlet, and the iPod charges.

Gooseberry: No.

Mr. Brewster: Here’s a cord. Sync it.

I plug in the iPod.

Gooseberry: It’s not syncing. It said it was syncing, but now it’s not.

Mr. Brewster: Why not? What’s the error message?

Gooseberry: Something about only five approved computers, and this computer isn’t approved.

I have had this computer for over a year. I’ve never synced it to my iPod or made it an approved computer on my iTunes account. Yes, I realize that this is sad and lazy and, well, just plain ignorant.

Mr. Brewster: Well, just approve your computer. Go into iTunes…

Gooseberry: It says that I already have five computers with accounts.

Mr. Brewster: Move over. Let me drive.

So, we get that dilemma taken care of, and then I sync the iPod, and…I still haven’t been born yet. That just figures, since I can’t figure out how to get my iPod touch to say the right date and time.

Mr. Brewster: Go into Control Settings.

Gooseberry: (pouting like a 5 year old) I did.

Mr. Brewster: Give it to me.

Five seconds later, my iPod touch is returned to me with the correct date and time.

Gooseberry: How’d you do that?

Mr. Brewster: It’s magic.

Gooseberry: No, really. How’d you do that?

Mr. Brewster: It’s magic.

What was that I was saying about how technologically savvy I am? Oh, yeah. I did eventually figure out how to change the date and time. There’s this magician who shared the secret with me. He’s called The Amazing Google.


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