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April 8, 2011 at 3:17 am 3 comments

Texas State Capitol

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I’m about a month behind, but better late than never. About a month ago over 12,000 people marched on the state capital of Texas to protest a decrease in state funding for public education that will put many teachers out of work, as well as countless peripheral staff such as school bus drivers, guidance counselors, cafeteria workers, teacher’s aids, etc.

Rick Perry, our governor, says that he’s not firing teachers. He doesn’t have any influence over hiring and firing decisions. Talk to the superintendents and school boards of your local school districts. But if the school districts are getting less money from the state, then they are forced to make cuts. So, make no mistake, Rick Perry and the Texas state legislature are firing schoolteachers and school workers all over the state of Texas. With that many people out of work, how is that going to affect our economy?

This doesn’t have to happen. Texas has a rainy day fund. Supposedly, the state of Texas was so economically healthy a few years ago that Texas didn’t need any incentives that were offered by the federal government. In my opinion, not being able to provide a quality education for our children counts as the kind of emergency that requires a rainy day fund.

Texas is a state well known for big money and big business. There’s no excuse for being at the bottom of the barrel in terms of how much we spend per student on our students. Excuse me. I’m sorry. We’re not actually at the bottom. I think Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and Arkansas might spend less. That thought is comforting.

The state lottery supposedly funds education. Things are tough all over. Our media is saying that the federal government may experience a shutdown. However, in times of economic downturn the lottery traditionally does well. People still spend money on lottery tickets when things are tight. In fact, they usually spend more money on lottery tickets. Where is all this lottery money that supposedly goes toward education actually going?

If you live in Texas and you think education and our state’s children need to be a priority, then you can let your governor and state legislators know. They will listen. They want above all other things to be reelected. If they know that you will not vote for them unless our state’s children receive the education they deserve, then they’ll find that money somewhere. Trust me.

I’d rather you not vote for Rick Perry at all, but this is a Republican state, and Perry has great hair so as long as he wants to be governor he’ll probably remain so. But we don’t have to let him know that. Call him up and tell him that you want your kids to have teachers and you won’t vote for him unless he sends money for teachers. Or write him or whatever. He doesn’t have to know that you really vote for him because you think he’s hot. That will be our secret.


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  • 1. Louella Pettit  |  April 8, 2011 at 3:35 am

    I don’t llive in Texas. BUT, you dont have to be George Bush or to know that if you take away resources and invest less on educational outcomes of young people, you are going to HAVE less adults in the future with a decent education. – Which in turn surely has an affect on the economy.

    Not the most intelligent policy move in my opinion – that is, if you care about the economy.

  • 2. A- Teacher  |  April 8, 2011 at 3:58 am

    Great post! Teachers, administrators, parents, and students should be writing to their Texas congress to tell them not to cut spending on education.

  • 3. Amanda  |  April 8, 2011 at 4:22 am

    HATE Rick Perry. But, you are right, he will continue to be re-elected. Mostly since we have no good Democrats to run against him AND because of no term limits for Governor. Which I think is BS. That being said, I think the Texas schools (and many other school districts in other states like Colorado) are in a sad way right now. This budget problem could be far reaching. This is the problem with big government. IMO


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