The Myers Briggs

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I discovered the Myers Briggs personality test in college, courtesy of Rev. K. Super Aims. The story of Rev. K. Super Aims is a good one, and you can go check it out. Suffice it to say that he was such an important part of my life that I can very easily divide my life into before I met Rev. K. Super Aims and after I met Rev. K. Super Aims.

I can also divide my life into before and after Rev. K. Super Aims was arrested for child molestation. The incident puts such a stain on that part of my life that I wouldn’t be surprised if old photographs had all turned the color of bile. Like arsenic and brown sugar, viewed in hindsight those years are now poisonsweet. It causes you to question everything you think you know but particularly your judgment of people. So, people I’m no longer certain of, but I still believe in God and the Myers Briggs.

The Myers Briggs is also referred to as the MBTI or Myers Briggs Type Indicator. It was invented by two women: Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers. The duo were a mother and daughter team. They wrote the test to help women decide on suitable careers. They based their work on the writings of Carl Jung. The Myers Briggs test was designed to measure differences in people’s choices and the perceptions on which their decisions were based.

The test divides people into sixteen possible types. It’s designed to measure where the test taker falls on a continuum of four different opposite traits. Those traits are:

Extroversion v. Introversion

Sensing v. Intution

Thinking v. Feeling

Judgment v. Perception

Rev. K. Super Aims administered the test through a book called Please Understand Me. The members of his leadership team all took the test. We called ourselves The K Club because we all had a K in our names (Okay. You caught me. My name is Gooseberry K. Bush, but don’t expect me to tell you my middle name). All of us were ENFPs, Rev. K. Super Aims included. Since I’ve graduated from college and joined the real world I’ve become an ENFJ, and that never waivers.

Reading the description of my own personality was like looking into a mirror and seeing my own reflection. It explained so much. It was revelatory. It would be really easy, I suppose, to use it as a crutch or a book of excuses, but I’ve never done so. I just feel like I have a reason for why I am the way I am but not a license for bad behavior.

If you haven’t already taken the MBTI, I urge you to do so. I’ve never known anyone who’s taken the test to doubt its accuracy. If nothing else, you can think of it as entertainment. And if you read along faithfully with this blog and you want to know more about me, you can always read the profile of an ENFJ. If you read up on that and you read this blog you will know me almost as well as someone who, well, knows me. If that’s your thing. Anyway, you should take the test.


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