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June 11, 2011 at 10:25 pm 4 comments

In a more appropriate context, Rulah Jungle Go...

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Princess Celestia is a big fan of comic books and video games, especially role-playing video games. Literature is something that, like most people of her generation, as well as, hell, most of mine, doesn’t inspire her. She thinks of Shakespeare as archaic, and I dare say she resented having to read him in school. I do not like comic books or video games, so at times I have to pinch myself to stay in the conversation.

I have about as much interest in video games as I do in the fact that the New Kids on the Block is joining Back Street Boys for a concert tour. That is to say that it does not interest me. I only know about the concert because they ran ad space on a website that I visited. I feel like my mind was raped.

Comic books and “graphic novels” I see as the further dumbing down of America, anaesthetizing eye candy for the kiddos, something to enforce the good ol’ American values of sexism that we hold so dear. A whole book of men who put on tights and capes and become action heroes while women who look like the mirror image on a trucker’s mud flap display cleavage and gratitude, accordingly! Sounds like just my thing.

The comic books I remember from when I was young were lame. My brother had a bunch of them about Richie Rich. I hate fuckin’ Richie Rich.

In the interest of friendship, Princess Celestia had made a request that I explore alternative forms of entertainment, and, I guess, stop behaving like a little old lady. I draw the line at video games. Well, that’s not really true. I’ve played the Mr. Brewsters’ Wii. I’m just not any good at video games. My hand-eye coordination sucks, and I only win with games that require you to know voluminous amounts of useless information…and Scrabble. I’m not playing video games, especially not role playing games.

So, I said I’d read a comic book and be open minded about it. The book I was given was called Castle Waiting. For a comic book, it’s rather clever. It’s packaged just like a “real” book, hardcover with a ribbon for a bookmark. It’s bound really nicely. The art is appealing, and the story is sort of a send-up of fairy tales. There’s some clever word play and inside jokes. There’s even a nice, long subplot about an “order” of nuns entirely composed of bearded ladies. It has a not so subtle feminist angle.

I still do not like comic books, really. I think much gets lost in the art form, as compared to that of traditional literature. However, comic books have been around since my father was a kid. Maybe before that. There’s no reason why it has to be a case of either or. The two can co-exist. It’s both and. Maybe there’s another comic book out there just waiting to prove me wrong. Maybe there’s a video game…nah!


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  • 2. Mirco Romanato  |  June 14, 2011 at 12:46 am

    Not all comics are like you say.
    Some have very interesting female characters. But, obviously, the readership is mainly young males. So the pictures and the plot must be interesting for them more than they are for females.
    The problem is filtering out the 90% of trash and find the 10% of good comincs and the 1% of masterpieces.

    • 3. Princess Celestia  |  June 15, 2011 at 5:26 pm

      Hey wow, something we can agree on Mirco!
      I wouldn’t say 90% of comics are trash, more like 60%. Most comics just require alot of back reading to be able to fully understand the storyline. They’re like millions of tiny 5 minute episodes. The easiest way I’ve found, is to get the graphic novels.
      I’ve been working my way through the Deadpool series lately. Not something Gooseberry would enjoy, but I find them alot of fun.
      The real gems are the one-shots. Stories that have a definitive beginning and end within one book. Usually those are far better crafted, because the writers don’t have to try and stretch the story out over decades. Could you imagine if tv shows lasted as long as comic books? Batman’s been around since the 20’s or 30’s! There’s bound to be some bad ‘episodes’ when you try and stretch out a story that long.

      • 4. Mirco Romanato  |  June 15, 2011 at 6:00 pm

        “Guiding Spotlight” come in mind, in Italy is know as “Sentieri” (path).
        It is old as much as Batman.

        If you have not read them, The Metabarons Saga (a spin off of the Incal Saga) is a nice mini-serie.

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