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The Structural Deficit

Texas legislature

Image by johnkoetsier via Flickr

What is a structural deficit? Well, it’s why we here in Texas may soon be firing thousands of teachers and school workers. It’s why social services are going to suffer across the board. But since that doesn’t move the hearts of the most far right wing politicians, I’ll put it in a language they can understand.

When you cut taxes without bringing in revenue to make up for the costs and you spend at the same rate, eventually something has got to give. The Republicans get that. It’s not that they don’t. They just want the people who can least afford to suffer the consequences to bear the brunt of the burden.

There’s no talk of increasing corporate taxes or bringing back the old property tax rates that used to fund our spending. Instead, the Republicans want to cut funding to schools. Why not? Their children will be well schooled regardless. The richest of the rich send their children to private schools. Why should they care about how well other children are educated? It won’t affect their children.

But this is so stupid and short sighted that we should wonder about the quality of these lawmakers’ own educations. For a state that supposedly loves big business, this state seems to have forgotten that businesses need workers. Those workers need to have basic educations. Even working in retail requires one to be able to count change.

In 2006 the Texas state legislature and Rick Perry created a structural deficit by causing less money to go in the coffers than we were spending. We can fix this. How?

Well, we can say that it’s unacceptable for our children’s educations to suffer because of some lawmakers’ fiscal irresponsibility. We can remind politicians like Ron Paul that the state constitution says that the state has a duty to fund public education. We can remind the legislators that firing teachers and school workers and social services professionals will raise our unemployment rate to above 10% and cause a further drag on the economy with unemployment benefits and other seemingly unforeseen consequences.

We can tell our legislators that they have a duty to our children and our economy. That duty is clear. Education has to be a priority. It is the only way to prosperity, both individually and collectively. Doing anything less is nothing short of moral bankruptcy.  And Rick Perry should be ashamed of himself. I don’t know how he sleeps at night.

Let’s run our state like a business. When the costs of a business increase, then the prices of its goods and services have to rise accordingly. The state of Texas should be no different. You can tell Rick Perry what you think by clicking on the last link.

April 13, 2011 at 12:14 am 9 comments

Save Texas Schools

Texas State Capitol

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I’m about a month behind, but better late than never. About a month ago over 12,000 people marched on the state capital of Texas to protest a decrease in state funding for public education that will put many teachers out of work, as well as countless peripheral staff such as school bus drivers, guidance counselors, cafeteria workers, teacher’s aids, etc.

Rick Perry, our governor, says that he’s not firing teachers. He doesn’t have any influence over hiring and firing decisions. Talk to the superintendents and school boards of your local school districts. But if the school districts are getting less money from the state, then they are forced to make cuts. So, make no mistake, Rick Perry and the Texas state legislature are firing schoolteachers and school workers all over the state of Texas. With that many people out of work, how is that going to affect our economy?

This doesn’t have to happen. Texas has a rainy day fund. Supposedly, the state of Texas was so economically healthy a few years ago that Texas didn’t need any incentives that were offered by the federal government. In my opinion, not being able to provide a quality education for our children counts as the kind of emergency that requires a rainy day fund.

Texas is a state well known for big money and big business. There’s no excuse for being at the bottom of the barrel in terms of how much we spend per student on our students. Excuse me. I’m sorry. We’re not actually at the bottom. I think Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and Arkansas might spend less. That thought is comforting.

The state lottery supposedly funds education. Things are tough all over. Our media is saying that the federal government may experience a shutdown. However, in times of economic downturn the lottery traditionally does well. People still spend money on lottery tickets when things are tight. In fact, they usually spend more money on lottery tickets. Where is all this lottery money that supposedly goes toward education actually going?

If you live in Texas and you think education and our state’s children need to be a priority, then you can let your governor and state legislators know. They will listen. They want above all other things to be reelected. If they know that you will not vote for them unless our state’s children receive the education they deserve, then they’ll find that money somewhere. Trust me.

I’d rather you not vote for Rick Perry at all, but this is a Republican state, and Perry has great hair so as long as he wants to be governor he’ll probably remain so. But we don’t have to let him know that. Call him up and tell him that you want your kids to have teachers and you won’t vote for him unless he sends money for teachers. Or write him or whatever. He doesn’t have to know that you really vote for him because you think he’s hot. That will be our secret.

April 8, 2011 at 3:17 am 3 comments

Republicans I Kind of Like

Dwight D. Eisenhower photo portrait.

Image via Wikipedia

My friend Amanda noticed, and rightly so, that I pick on Republicans a lot. That’s probably because I’m not a Republican and not likely to ever become one.

Also, I dig at Dubya a lot. Please let me explain why. It’s not because I think he doesn’t mean well or that I think he’s not a nice man. I am certain that he’s a super nice man, and he means the very best. I actually think I’d like him personally if we didn’t spend much time discussing politics.

However, he’s not a deep thinker or an intellectual (not that I think you have to be an intellectual to be President – but some book smarts definitely don’t hurt). He’s bragged about his poor grades in school. I take into account that a D at Harvard is still a D at Harvard, which can’t compare to my education, but it frightens me that he puts so little store by “book learnin’.” Since he married a librarian who made literacy her platform, it boggles the mind.

He was a phenomenal failure as a businessman. In my opinion, he misled the American public. He wasn’t qualified to be the President, unless you think the Bush last name by itself makes you qualified to run the country. I think he was greatly manipulated by much smarter, craftier puppet masters: namely, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove.

I think both September 11th and Hurricane Katrina were completely overwhelming for him. I don’t want a president who’s going to go into shock and then continue reading books to little children when he’s given news of a crisis. I want a president who’s going to be quick, effective, and decisive. I don’t want his handlers to have to tell him what to do. I want him giving orders to his team.

However, there are some Republicans that I don’t find silly, stupid, or objectionable for moral reasons (J.C. Watts and Jesse Helms, I’m talking about you two). I’d like to make a list of Republicans that not only don’t sicken me but for some reason I admire while admitting that none of them is perfect anymore than Bill Clinton is, so if I’ve neglected to take into account some scandal that should taint a good name…keep in mind that I don’t care.

Henry Kissinger – Because he’s brilliant. That doesn’t mean that I agree with him. It just means that he’s smart.

Elizabeth Dole – Because she rules with a velvet glove, always feminine. I loved the speech she made for her husband when he ran for President.

Gerald & Betty Ford – Because he led a nation divided and disillusioned by Watergate and reunited it and because her candor about her alcoholism has helped so many people.

Abraham Lincoln – I don’t think the Republican party of ol’ Abe’s day had much in common with the one we have today, but we can thank this man for leading a nation through a Civil War, abolishing slavery, and providing a peaceful example that inspired reconstruction. He was a great man.

Dwight D. Eisenhower – Because of the Interstate Highway System among other things.

Colin Powell – Because what’s not to love. He’s honest and trustworthy and smart.

Mary Bono – Because she took over her husband’s seat in the House of Representatives when he died suddenly in a tragic accident and then made that seat her own. And because she championed Greg Mortenson’s vision of bringing schools to poor villages in the Middle East.

Condolezza Rice – Because she’s a smart, warm, funny and feminine attorney who served the Bush administration well and faithfully. She’s a great example of a strong single woman.

David Petraeus – Because if we have to be in the war in Iraq we should at least make use of diplomacy and start moving in the right direction so that we can eventually leave. I think he’s smart.

Meghan McCain – She’s smart and attractive and hip and young and fun. She didn’t change her look for her dad’s campaign. She doesn’t waiver in her beliefs or kowtow to the religious right. It took courage for her to say that she didn’t agree with her father’s beliefs on gay rights. She did so without disrespecting him. For that reason, I respect her a lot more than I do Patti Davis, who agrees with my politics.

Barbara Bush – One of the twin daughters of George and Laura, Barbara has come out in support of gay rights, and I’m sure gay Republicans everywhere thank her for this. I assume that she’s a Republican; maybe she’s not. I like her either way.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and I’d like to mention here that I don’t like all Democrats simply because they’re Democrats. For instance, I can’t stand Nancy Pelosi. Why? The woman has done nothing to me. Well, it’s just something about her. I think she’s so fake. I’d almost rather have to spend an hour or two chatting with Kay Bailey Hutchison. Come to think of it, I don’t want to chat with either one of them.

March 2, 2011 at 12:48 am 5 comments

The State of the Blog Address

Rep. Mary Fallin

Image by republicanconference via Flickr

I am so pleased to report that this blog has received 46 hits today alone. And all I had to do was write a ridonkulously hyperbolic paragraph yesterday where I sarcastically threatened to kill myself because I’ve never given birth.

Seriously, I would never kill myself over something that silly. I realize that politicians feel that they have to fight dirty. It’s just so inappropriate to me. I think that mothers are very important people. What they do is valuable and should never be taken for granted. However, I would never cast aspersions on someone’s intelligence or competence because they are a mother, so I would expect that those women that are mothers would do me the same favor in reverse.

What Mary Fallin is doing is a cheap trick that sets back women’s rights. It might endear her to the more conservative voters in Oklahoma or to some women with children, but it hurts all women in the long run. She should be ashamed of herself.

The tiny blog is growing. Again, still not competing with TMZ or Gizmodo, but I have gotten over 500 hits this month. I started writing in May 2009, and I got exactly three hits that entire month.

On a personal note, I now have a job with a company that employs writers here in Austin, and I have an informational interview scheduled for lunch tomorrow with one of the members of the editorial department. It all happened by either divine providence or dumb luck, depending on what you believe. I know what I believe. God is good.

October 26, 2010 at 5:59 pm 1 comment

Mother Governor

Seal of Oklahoma.

Image via Wikipedia

I love this article I found on the current Oklahoma race for governor. For the first time ever, the governor’s race is a race between two women. This should be good news for feminists everywhere. Yay!

Now for the bad news. You knew there would be some. Apparently the Republican candidate is saying that she is more fully qualified than the Democratic candidate because she is…wait for it…a mother. Apparently, motherhood qualifies you for public office. I know that there are going to be a lot of men who will be interested in the fact that they are no longer qualified for public office by virtue of their testes.

This is the most ridiculous debate in the history of American politics. Despite the fact that the Democratic candidate is clearly and hands down the more credentialed candidate with previous political experience and a law degree, she isn’t qualified because she hasn’t been married and hasn’t seen fit to be fruitful and multiply.

Maybe the Republican candidate, a motherly nincompoop named Mary Fallin, would like to amend her statement to the more gender neutral parenthood. Parenthood qualifies one for public office. If Mary Fallin were in charge, then we would never have had Presidents Polk, Harding, or Buchanan. They were unqualified.

According to Ms. Fallin the ability to raise a family shows your ability to put others before yourself. Apparently putting others before yourself doesn’t show that ability unless the other in question came from your womb. That Mother Theresa, for instance…what a selfish bitch!

But you know who is supremely fit for public office. The following women:

Kate Gosselin

Nadya Sulleman

Mary Kay LeTourneau

Susan Smith (if only she weren’t a felon)

Michelle Duggar

Joan Crawford

Bristol Palin

I urge those of you Oklahomans who are politically active to please write in one of these imminently qualified candidates on your gubernatorial ballot.

Actually, I’m surprised that those of us who aren’t mothers are qualified for anything. Why do we even get out of bed in the morning? I’m probably not even qualified to write this blog or hold a job or, well, anything. Excuse me for a moment while I go kill myself. I’m so selfish that I’m obviously not fit to live.

October 25, 2010 at 6:14 pm 3 comments

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