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The Queen of Rage

Cover of "The Stepford Wives"

Cover of The Stepford Wives

Usually whenever some Fox news pundit goes on and on like a broken record about the liberal bias of the mainstream media, I have to laugh. However, the conservatives have a point when they bring up the latest Newsweek cover of Michelle Bachman. They titled the cover story, “Queen of Rage,” and they have a photo of Bachman looking like a mildly surprised homicidal Stepford Wife.

Tina Brown, the female editor of Newsweek, has worked overtime at implying that Bachman is crazy. Now, don’t get me wrong, Bachman is no friend of mine, and she certainly is no friend of the feminists. However, that doesn’t mean that tactics like Brown’s are acceptable in an attempt to make her unpalatable to Iowa voters.

Here we have a woman who’s running for the office of President of the United States of America. Ask yourself this: would any man who’s running for President be treated with the same indignity? I think the answer is no. So, is the Newsweek cover blatantly sexist? You bet your sweet bippy it is.

You don’t need to go searching through the galleries until you come up with the one photo of Michelle Bachman that’s actually unattractive. I mean, just how long and hard did Tina Brown have to search to come up with a single photo of Bachman that’s not flattering? My guess is: hours. In fact, the woman is so beautiful that I’m going to have to see her and Sarah Palin in a room together before I’m convinced that they aren’t the same person.

Michelle Bachman can be called a lot of things, including, perhaps, legitimately crazy and even dangerously simple-minded, but the way we judge those things shouldn’t be based on her appearance, but rather based on the substance of her campaign, her platform, her speeches, her words. There’s lots of fuel for the fire there.

Shame on Tina Brown for resorting to this kind of yellow journalism. It’s like a one-sided catfight in print. It’s the picture that was substituted where a thousand words would do. And Brown makes the loonies at Fox News actually right for once. She also makes me, as a feminist, have to defend a woman whose politics I abhor.

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Sarah Palin: Foreign Policy Expert

Seal of the President of the United States

Image via Wikipedia

This woman is simply frightening. What she knows about foreign policy is nothing, yet she criticizes Obama and his handling of the issues in Egypt. She doesn’t even know what ‘s going on in Egypt. She then blames this on the Obama administration and their failure to dispense knowledge to the American people.

You can bet that Obama knows a great deal more about this than most of the American people do. It’s not Obama’s job to educate the American people on foreign policy or history. Sarah, there is this thing called the news media. I know you think it’s lamebrained, but YOU YOURSELF WORK FOR IT and its job is to inform the American people. Pick up a copy of The New York Times or the Washington Post or the Wall Street Journal. Tune into something other than Fox News. How about trying the BBC, for instance? They have excellent news coverage. And if you’d like to hear about the moderate Muslim take on the situation, you can watch Al Jazeera. They even do an English broadcast. You can download it to your iPhone, Sarah.

And if the media isn’t cutting it for you, then there are these things called the internet and the library. You can read all about Mubarak. You can learn a lot if you can read. Can you read, Sarah?

I don’t have a problem with people criticizing the Obama administration. What I have a problem with is when stupid people who haven’t bothered to inform themselves criticize our President without knowing what the hell they’re talking about. First, learn a little something about the Egypt situation. It’s not hard. All you have to do is take the time to inform yourself. But then that would take you away from your primary concern of pandering to the extreme right news media.

Here’s an idea, Sarah. If you really want to be the President of the United States, then how about rolling up your sleeves and doing your homework. FIND OUT what’s going on and then come up with your own possible solution. Razzle dazzle us with your keen insight and your common sense resolution to our foreign policy dilemma. What’s that you say, Sarah? You’re waiting on Obama to call you back to answer some questions? Don’t be surprised if the phone rings at 3 AM.

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Pulitzer Prize Winning National Enquirer

Cover of "Broadcast News"

Cover of Broadcast News

Once again, The National Enquirer drives our news in America. And the latest news is that Sarah Palin’s husband Todd had sex with a massage therapist and convicted madam.

It’s interesting to see a picture of this woman that Todd was supposedly having an affair with because she’s not exactly the Playboy centerfold type, but then men supposedly greatly outnumber women in Alaska. Maybe if you’re looking for some hooch on the side you really don’t have many choices. I’m not saying that she’s homely, just that she’s not the type that you’d expect to be a “rival” for Palin.

But then again, you hear conflicting views on these things all the time, that cheating is not about the physical attractiveness of the wife or the quality of the sex. But men (the kind that have affairs, anyway) are driven by their dicks, which seem to be driven by their eyes, so…let’s just say I’m confused.

What else is in the news in America? Let’s see. Oscar de la Renta doesn’t like Michelle Obama’s choice of dress for a state dinner. People are wondering if the President is actually looking younger lately. Sorry, I didn’t click on this one, so I can’t tell you if they think his photos are getting airbrushed or that he’s had Botox or maybe just dyed his hair. I don’t know.

Jesse James and Kat Von D got engaged. From what I can tell, they deserve each other. I hope they’re very happy together. Sandra Bullock may be sad over this. We’re not sure. But we have an entire news story about it anyway.

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds really are just friends. Really. She promised the entire female population of America that they are not doing the horizontal mambo.

Charlie Sheen and his wife Brooke might get back together. The Prime Minister of Italy is promiscuous and has sex with underage girls. Halle Berry’s ex-husband is engaged to Prince’s ex-wife.

What’s new with Kelsey & Camille Grammer? Kelsey Grammer is just some guy who always moves on to the newest youngest thing, and Camille was model #2. I don’t feel sorry for either of them or care if Grammer is a cross dresser. Did you hear me yawn?

The news in America is mostly gossip. It’s not that I don’t like gossip. I just wish we’d intersperse it every once in a while with some actual news. It makes me long for the days of my childhood and teenage years, when the movie Broadcast News was actually a cautionary tale and not everyday reality.

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The Phenomena of Sarah Palin, Christine O’Donnell & Ann Coulter

Sarah Palin in Savannah, Georgia, Dec 1, 2008 ...

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Ann Coulter is nothing new. I just thought I’d throw her into the mix. What do all three of these women have in common? They are all politically conservative to the extreme. They all have a habit of saying stupid and/or offensive things. In the case of Coulter, you can’t call her stupid; she’s just offensive. What else do they have in common? They’re all “fuckworthy.”

Let’s face it. Coulter is the only one of the three who actually knows what the hell she’s talking about, and her ideals are so conservative that they make Senator Joseph McCarthy look liberal. She repeatedly insults people and makes offensive comments to get her “points” across. For instance, she once said that she thought this country would be better off if women had never been given the right to vote (because women have a tendency to vote Democrat).

Palin is the Alaska governor who rose to prominence after John McCain picked her to be his running mate in the 2008 Presidential elections. What were her qualifications? Well, she was the governor of Alaska, for less than one full term. And she was once the mayor of a small town in Alaska. She was dogged with controversy; Troopergate, etc. She knows nothing about the issues and even less about foreign policy, and she doesn’t WANT to learn anything about them, preferring instead to run on a platform of “common sense.” McCain seemed to be saying with his choice that he preferred to run on a platform of “sexy.” Why not? We Americans seem to prefer sex to substance.

O’Donnell is even more curious, with her appearances on Bill Maher’s old talk show Politically Incorrect and talking about dabbling in witchcraft. The only things I know about her is that she’s a conservative right wing Christian who considers herself born again. Also, she seems to have been a tad misleading about her educational past. Finally, she doesn’t believe in masturbation. I wonder how she’s planning to enforce that.

I don’t think that any of these three women would have ever gotten any attention at all if it hadn’t been for the fact that they are all three uncommonly attractive. Palin, O’Donnell and Coulter all look like they could have easily stepped off the cover of Playboy magazine. Let’s face it. No one in the American media would pay them the least little bit of attention, least of all the ridiculous O’Donnell, if they weren’t photogenic and if some guy didn’t want to nail them. Don’t knock masturbation, O’Donnell. You owe your entire political career to it.

Can’t we please find some Victoria’s Secret model that will embrace the cause of liberal politics? Anyone?

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My Own Private God

adam and eve - I build this garden for us

Image by oddsock via Flickr

About a week and a half ago I went to a Cocaine Anonymous meeting at Club 101 with Lubbock’s lawyer friend Chris. The meeting was a Big Book Meeting, which means that some portion of the Big Book is read aloud, and then participants comment on it. The Monday night meeting at Club 101 is a big one, and they time participants to limit their comments to five minutes or less, and still someone was able to say something for me that was profound. Or, more probably, someone was finally able to get a message through my thick skull.

She said that the God that she had troubles with, and, boy, did she ever have troubles with him, that that God didn’t have to be her higher power and that she could make up her own God in which to place her faith. Well, I don’t know so much how I feel about making up your own God, ‘cause that sounds like idolatry, but what I did take from that comment is that she said that she made an inventory of the qualities of the God that she believes in. Her higher power has a definable character. I suppose some more orthodox folks would say that’s what the Bible is for, but I think this is great. Write down a definition and a description of the God that you believe in.

My God is neither male nor female; or maybe God is both, but God, though I may use the pronoun he, is not a man. God is God. He created men and women in His image.

My God is love. He is kind. He doesn’t approve of wars made in His name. He doesn’t punish pagan cultures by sending them hurricanes. He doesn’t send earthquakes because women expose cleavage. He doesn’t send newborn infants to hell because they haven’t yet been baptized.

My God doesn’t have a political party. He is neither Republican nor Democrat. He doesn’t belong anymore exclusively to Communists or Socialists or Libertarians than he does to members of the Tea Party. God has no political affiliation, even though Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin would like you to think otherwise.

My God is absolutely involved in the smallest details of my life, to the extent that I let him in. God loves and cares personally and equally for all of his creation. “From a Distance,” was a big hit for Bette Midler, but it doesn’t describe my God. My God loves us Up Close & Personal.

My God thinks sex is great. He approves of it. It was His idea in the first place. He gives sex a big thumbs up. The thing he doesn’t approve of is when it’s used improperly, but when it’s used to convey affection and to indulge in pleasant recreation with someone for whom we have affinity and treat with respect, God thinks that’s a beautiful thing. The ideal circumstance for that to occur in would be in a marriage, but God doesn’t condemn a single person having sex. He condemns adultery.

My God gave us the gift of an earthly body to take care of us and for us to care for until we can join God in the afterlife. He wants us to take the best care of it that we possibly can. Drugs, whether legal or illegal, are not inherently evil. Alcohol and tobacco are not the handiwork of the devil. Drugs, of all kinds, from aspirin to caffeine and food to methadone, are only evil when we abuse them to achieve a mind-altered state. If you can’t use a drug in some kind of moderate and sane way, then it is best to abstain from that drug altogether. Of course, you can’t do that with food, but you can decide to give up the Ding Dongs and the McDonald’s at least.

My God gave us dominion over the land and the animals of this earth. Dominion does not equal the indiscriminate exploitation of our natural resources. It implies good stewardship.

My God thinks that it is important that we be kind to one another. Act in love always, and you will be doing what Jesus would do.

My God inspired men to write a book that could serve as a guide to know Him better. The Bible is the inspired word of God. It is infallible, but not every word is meant to be taken literally. Whether or not there was an actual Adam and Eve or if there was a Tower of Babel or a Noah’s Ark, it doesn’t diminish the truth of the story for me in the least.

My God doesn’t cause bad things to happen to good people. People and circumstances and sometimes bad choices cause bad things to happen to good people. God is good and just. We have to trust in God’s plan and have the wisdom to understand that is beyond our comprehension.

My God knows that there is evil in this world. There is a devil in each one of us. Human beings are sinful. We are filled with the capacity for equal parts of light and dark. It is how we choose to live our lives that will ultimately determine the fruit we bear that will show proof of our love for God. My God thinks the excuse, “The devil made me do it,” is lame.

My God is infinitely forgiving of the sincerely contrite. He will forgive well beyond a human being’s tolerance for forgiveness. But my God can see into the hearts of men and knows when that man’s heart is truly sorry and when it is not. My God forgives those who are truly sorry.

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