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Equal Opportunity

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Over the weekend one of the Mr. Brewsters developed a bleeding ulcer. It affected an artery, and he was vomiting up blood and bleeding internally. He had to be rushed to the hospital and have a blood transfusion. I visited him on Tuesday night. He’s doing fine now, home recuperating, but that was a close call.

I have a lot of experience in hospitals. My mother went to nursing school when I was growing up, and she works as a nurse now. We would frequently meet my mother in the hospital cafeteria for dinner when she worked the evening shift.

When I was in high school we were on one of these excursions when I actually saw someone I knew from school. It was a girl that I hadn’t seen in a while but hadn’t noticed was missing (it was a very large school). She was also eating in the hospital cafeteria. But this wasn’t because her mother was a nurse. It was because she was in the home for unwed mothers attached to the hospital.

Even in the 1980s apparently girls were spirited away when they got in the family way. God forbid that we see them walking our halls. The girl eventually came back to school after she had her baby, and I never said anything about it. I didn’t know if other people knew or if a story had been made up about her going to visit some ailing aunt, and it wasn’t any of my business. But I remember thinking that it would be bad enough to get pregnant and have to give up your baby without also having to miss a year of school. I wondered why they didn’t have a home for unwed fathers and make them skip out on a semester or two.

Last week Solomon II made a comment that went something like this: I don’t get this thing with women’s rights. Name me one thing that you can’t do. Basically, he was saying that we have equal opportunity and that if women aren’t politicians or engineers or business leaders, then that just must be because we’re not doing the work involved.

This is the lame assed argument of a brain dead, entitled man. I say lame assed instead of lame brained because his head is obviously up his ass. It’s like saying that a black man in 1880 had equal opportunity. Well, he had the right to vote, didn’t he? He can run for President. Why doesn’t he? That argument is nothing short of imbecilic.

Sure, technically he can run for President, but if the overwhelming majority of Americans are white and bigoted, and the overwhelming majority of African Americans are poor, then who’s going to vote for him and where will he get the campaign contributions he needs? Hmm. Good question. Never thought of that. But the black man had “equal opportunity.”

We’ve come a long way, baby. We have an African American President, and women run for President. The sad fact is, though, that we’re not there yet. No one, hopefully, with any good sense, would argue that racism and sexism no longer exist. You only have to open your eyes on a daily basis to see it in action. The problem is that guys like Solomon II only see what they want to see. It’s backlash. We gain six inches toward that meet you halfway goal, and they want to take back a mile.

Women are 51% of the population in the United States. There is absolutely no significant difference in intelligence quotient scores for men versus women.

So, riddle me this, Batman.

How come women wear engagement rings but men do not?

How come men ask for a woman’s hand in marriage but women don’t ask the man’s family for the same permission?

How come women make only 76.5 cents for every dollar a man makes?

How come the United States still hasn’t had a female President?

How come there are only three women on the United States Supreme Court?

How come 17 out of every 100 United States Senators are female?

Out of Fortune 500 companies in 2009, only 15 of the CEOs was female. What explains that?

Why are women expected to take their husband’s name and children take their father’s name while women’s last names are deemed expendable?

Why are only 40% of middle managers women?

Why are one in six women the victims of sexual abuse within their lifetimes when only one in thirty-three men are sexually assaulted? What accounts for this discrepancy?

Is the explanation for all this inequality and heinous treatment just that women are lazy and lack ambition? Maybe we should ask that lazy black man from 1880 who didn’t run for President. Darn, he’s dead now. I think it’s because someone dragged him in chains from the bumper of his truck after they kidnapped him while he was on his way to the polls to vote. Something tells me that someone was not a woman.

November 18, 2010 at 2:45 pm 9 comments

“Thoughts” on a “Post-Feminist” World

That’s what a moron man named Dalrock calls his offensive blog. I got a few hits from his website and three comments from one of his readers that were so stupid and insulting that I refused to approve them, but I’ll recreate them here for your benefit so that you can see that, yes, ladies, these kinds of men still exist in the world.

Denial is not just a river in Egypt!

That one’s not so bad. Let’s look at the next one.

Yeah, cougars are desirable, because they’re easy. Great for a pump-and-dump.

I guess it never occurs to him that a cougar might find an idiot easy.

It’s always amazing to see the callous disregard for the truth that women display, especially when the topic concerns them personally and they are at a disadvantage. There are 174 comments here and not a single woman will admit the stark truth: the older you get the less desirable you become, period. No need for rationalization, no need for denial, no need for exceptions that only prove the rule. Everybody knows in their soul that this is the way it is.

You didn’t want to settle in your younger days, and now time is forcing the lesson. Why should any man worth his self esteem and self respect settle for an aging left over of the dating game when there are so many younger and equally shallow but much more attractive girls around. Women these days think they can slut around while in their prime and once well used, get some hard working fool to pick them up and support them when they’re too old to play the game anymore. There are men like that – confused and desperate men – but less and less of them, and there is a day of reckoning coming.

Oh, no! Not a day of reckoning! I should have married a jerk like you while I still had the chance. Why, oh, why didn’t I settle for someone who thinks my entire self worth should fit in my pussy? I guess the part of feminism where we support ourselves instead of having to rely on men to do it for us was also lost on this guy.

Dalrock himself is a real piece of work. Sadly, he seems to have quit school in the fifth grade since he doesn’t know that who’s is a contraction for who is and whose is the word used to show possession. His description about himself describes his wife as sexy, and while I’m sure she appreciates the compliment the fact that it is the ONLY adjective he uses to describe her speaks volumes.

Just what is so threatening to men about equal rights? Well, I’ll tell you. Not all men find it threatening. Maybe not even a majority of them find it threatening. A tiny proportion of the total male population are this militant about it. What makes it threatening to these men is the fact that they are weak men. Only a weak man finds a strong woman threatening.

In our “post feminist” world, Dalrock gets away with posting a blog piece called, “Have You Ever Beat Up a Girlfriend, Cause, Uh, I Have,” in which he finds domestic violence humorous. Why is it that a man can write like this about women? Are women the only “race” that it’s acceptable to treat this shabbily? If he wrote a blog post entitled, “Have You Ever Lynched a N*%%(#, Cause, Uh, I Have,” that blog post would have been removed already. But beating up women. Good times!

If you have a hard time believing that men like this still exist in the world, then feel free to click on the available links in this article to see de-evolution at work through natural selection. For Dalrock, it’s too late, but for the rest of these jerks, please, ladies, do not allow these men to procreate.

Is this truly a “post feminist” world? Am I the only person who cares about equal rights for women because the rest of the world thinks we’ve “arrived” since men will let us vote and work and then come home to work again? Well, as long as the man who beats me still calls me sexy…

November 10, 2010 at 1:00 pm 18 comments

The State of the Blog Address

Rep. Mary Fallin

Image by republicanconference via Flickr

I am so pleased to report that this blog has received 46 hits today alone. And all I had to do was write a ridonkulously hyperbolic paragraph yesterday where I sarcastically threatened to kill myself because I’ve never given birth.

Seriously, I would never kill myself over something that silly. I realize that politicians feel that they have to fight dirty. It’s just so inappropriate to me. I think that mothers are very important people. What they do is valuable and should never be taken for granted. However, I would never cast aspersions on someone’s intelligence or competence because they are a mother, so I would expect that those women that are mothers would do me the same favor in reverse.

What Mary Fallin is doing is a cheap trick that sets back women’s rights. It might endear her to the more conservative voters in Oklahoma or to some women with children, but it hurts all women in the long run. She should be ashamed of herself.

The tiny blog is growing. Again, still not competing with TMZ or Gizmodo, but I have gotten over 500 hits this month. I started writing in May 2009, and I got exactly three hits that entire month.

On a personal note, I now have a job with a company that employs writers here in Austin, and I have an informational interview scheduled for lunch tomorrow with one of the members of the editorial department. It all happened by either divine providence or dumb luck, depending on what you believe. I know what I believe. God is good.

October 26, 2010 at 5:59 pm 1 comment

I Hate the Word Empowerment

As a feminist, I hate, hate, hate the word empowerment. It’s a buzz word now and has been for at least a decade. Ironically, it’s only used once in the entire book, Half the Sky. Maybe it’s because, like me, Sheryl WuDunn is sick of the word.

Empowerment is defined as (from to give power or authority to; to enable or permit. See how the word is not actually “empowering” at all? It’s condescending. The word is usually used in conjunction with conversations about civil rights, racism, and women’s rights issues. The implication being that “the man” (for want of a better term, forgive me) is giving us our basic right to equality as a gift or magnanimous gesture, rather than our taking and owning what is rightfully ours.

I think I hate the word empowerment for the same reason that some blacks felt the movie The Blind Side was ultimately racist and patronizing. I liked The Blind Side, by the way. I thought it was an excellent movie about a true love story between a poor young man and the family who loved him. If you take out the race factor, it would still be a good movie. But would the movie still have been made?

African Americans do have the right to be a little touchy about how often white families adopt black babies. It brings up a lot of issues, like why don’t you see movies about black couples adopting white babies? If black children are raised by white parents do they lose their culture? And why aren’t there enough black families to adopt and raise all the black babies?

Well, here I’m going to stop and say something politically incorrect. Ultimately, I’m not really interested in exploring the answers to those questions in any depth. Any time a human being helps a fellow human being to realize his potential, that’s a good thing. I don’t care if you’re black, blue, green, or purple. Love is good. Give it freely. Take it where you can get it. One day, hopefully, in a distant future that I probably won’t live to see, we will stop questioning the motivations of Mr. Drummond’s adoption of Willis and Arnold and move on to the world Rev. King described.

August 22, 2010 at 4:01 pm 1 comment

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